Hi! This blog is where I share my outfit pics, thoughts on the latest trends, recipes or just anything that interests me. I channel my wild creative side into floristry by day, and blogging by night. I'm a fashion-loving girl, living an unfashiony life. 

Ever since I was a little girl, when my mum hand-stitched me fairy costumes, I've had a fascination with clothes and style. Childhood memories are punctuated by much-loved and eclectic items of clothing: jelly sandals, transparent raincoats, patterned Doc Martins and embroidered Chinese jackets. Rainy days were spent playing dress-up and modelling in 'photoshoots' with my sisters, then creating home-made fashion magazines with the photos. 

After spending many a day writing short stories as a youngster, I decided to start this blog as a way of reconnecting with my love of writing and link it with my passion for styling and fashion.
Contact me or let me know what you think: littlefeatherstyle@hotmail.co.uk