Jacket - Topshop // Playsuit - Zara // Boots - Garage Shoes

I decided to treat myself to a new leather jacket this month as I was feeling a bit flush, and you know, generally who can resist a bit of Topshop leather jacket eye candy? What with receiving my deposit back from my landlord (long story short, he decided to sell up and we all had to move out) and getting a nice little cheque in the post from the taxman, I was very briefly rolling in it, as they say. So the debit card came out and soon enough I walked out of Topshop with this beauty and feeling £50 lighter. When it comes to items like coats and jackets, I think it's so much more beneficial to spend a bit more money and get lasting quality. I'm trying to teach myself to shop that way in general, not necessarily with success, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, following on from my last post and a little shopping trip at Kilver Court, we had a sunny wander round the beautiful gardens there, then sat down in the sun for a bite to eat before mooching over to the Mulberry Factory Shop... reader, it took a lot for me to walk out of there empty-handed. In particular I fell for this beauty of a travel bag, at a bargain £245! Why oh why I walked away from it I will never know. Do you ever have serious regrets about not buying something?


look.love.wear said...

This is such a nice outfit! The weather here in London sucks but we wish we could pull off something like that, love the added edge of the leather jacket
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Mary said...

thanks! yeah the weather has just turned sucky here too :(

Nikki said...

I love your outfit! Gorgeous jacket:) X

Mary said...

thanks girl :)

Yukova Design said...

Such a nice outfit, the jacket goes great with it.