Autumn Wishlist

My wishlist for Autumn is looking pretty basic and monochrome so far. At the forefront of my mind is this niggling doubt that I might not be around for all of the Winter season (because I'm hoping to go travelling - not because I'm worried about mortality, I must clarify!). This means that I don't want to get too into the Winter mindset and spend a small fortune on cosy clothes that I won't get a chance to wear. I do however need to pick up some essentials: just a couple of simple, soft roll neck jumpers, preferably in cream and camel, at a good price point (so if you see any, hook me up pronto!) that will see me through to Christmas.

A new purse is near the top of the list...I'm looking for the perfect size wallet in a soft, slouchy style that I can pop into my smaller handbags, rather than a rigid frame, grandma purse - if you see what I mean! And of course it has to stick to the colour aesthetic of black, white or tan with little or no garish, decorative features, but to have an interesting embossed front or textured detailing. Not asking much really!
I'm not sure if I'll be investing in a coat this year (see above) or just making do with last winters offering, but at the moment a sleeveless wool, double breasted coat in white, grey or navy would tide me over nicely.

I've been eyeing up the Calvin Klein Ivy tote bag on Asos for a couple of weeks now, as I'd really like a good sized, well made quality tote that I can just chuck all my bits and pieces in when I head up to London for weekends or day trips and the like. I feel £125 isn't too much to pay for something that's classic and timeless and will get a lot of wear out of it.

Classic black ripped knee skinny jeans in a slightly faded black, worn-in tan boots and Calvin Klein undies goes without saying really.

What's on your A/W wishlists girlies?


Ashlee Favro said...

I love all the natural colors!!


Mary said...

Mmmm me too Ashlee! :)