Playsuit - Zara // Slip-ons - Primark // Bag - Urban Outfitters

As you can probably tell from the massive grin on my face: I LOVE this playsuit. As soon as I saw it had gone into the Zara sale, I knew it was going to be mine. 
Let me explain it's ireresistible allure in handy bullet points:
1. The on-trend paisley print in navy and white
2. The co-ord effect without it being two separate pieces = amazing!
3. The beautiful cut of the top and skort
4. The little cut-out at the back is sexy without being try-hard - showing off that little dip at the bottom of the back somehow feels so much more attractive than flaunting boobs/bum.
5. How versatile this piece is - casual or dressed up = it works either way!


Valentina Batrac said...

I love your playsuit, the print is so pretty. Great outfit, you look gorgeous :)

Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

Ama Poku said...

Such a cute two piece, love it!
xx Ama


Mary said...

Aw thanks Valentina and Ama! xx

Cissa Lima said...

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Gemma Roberts said...

Ahh love this combo!! Beautiful set and gorgeous detailing on the back of the top!!

I have an aching question for you... Do you have any tips on basic flower arranging. I don't mean the beautiful works of art you are used to creating, but simply how to put a bunch of flowers in a vase, without them looking so dang random (as mine tend to do!). Is there a trick I'm missing? Please send help!! ; )

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