Mule Madness

My obsession with mules knows no bounds... I now have 3 pairs where last year I had none. A couple of years ago I would not even have considered mules as an option. They are most definitely a 90's throwback, worn with paisley print dresses, double denim and too-dark lip liner. I always associated them with try-hard mums. Alas, there is something so satisfying about the modern breed of mule... a chunky heeled, graphic, block-strap mule with a cheeky sling-back in jet black or sandy nude....sigh! Here's a few more I'm lusting after (click on the picture for links)...What do you guys reckon? Love them or hate them?


Elena from Loovelle said...

mules look so good, but i need them with a string around my ankle as i tend to slip out of shoes quite easily.


Mary said...

yep me too elena! x