I am currently on a major perfume binge, trying to use up as many old perfumes as I can before I allow myself to use 'my precious' (Gollum voice optional) Marc Jacobs Daisy. The reason for this purge was pretty much the dawning realisation that I'm turning into a total hoarder and in a few years I fully expect to be tunnelling in and out of my home due to the sheer volume of 'stuff' I've acquired. Mostly clothes. But also books, toiletries, soft furnishings and bric-a-brac. It's the stuff of nightmares.

 So...I'm trying to use things up rather than letting them sit pretty. Expect me to post a link to my ebay on here some time soon as I'm hoping I can sell a few bits rather than just giving it all away. No more buying new things until I can shift some of this lot. In the meantime, Daisy awaits use. I managed to snag this beaut of a gift set in the sale at Boots, with a money off perfume voucher on top to boot! Yay for bargains.


Visa said...

gotta love the packaging
xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

Mary said...

Yes! Soooooo pretty xx