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A few weeks ago we went to check out the elegant Arts and Crafts style home and picturesque valley gardens of Coleton Fishacre on the South Devon coast. It was a beaut of a day (rare at the moment) and I got some great pics - friends were asking where I'd gone on holiday - they couldn't believe the coastal shots were in the U.K!!! I could've told a little white lie but the truth is I'm saving up at the moment, so I simply can't afford to go off travelling abroad right now.
I've found since moving to a city that I appreciate the countryside so much more, and always look forward to a little rural break, whether that's camping for a long weekend, or simply a day trip to the coast. The next thing I'm hoping to book is a countryside spa retreat - I like the Bannatyne Spa Charleston House in Somerset - heaven!

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Hayley- Eszti said...

Such a cool and casual look, I love the boots! Stunning view too!

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