Whilst I'm not feeling particularly happy about the fact that I'm now well into my late Twenties (ugh) and there is NO denying that, I am pretty chuffed with all the lovely presents I received for the occasion of making it a year older! So...who wants to see the presents?

My favourite gifts this year were the Zara gift card (as one can never go wrong with Zara), Series 4 of Game of Thrones which I am exceedingly excited about watching, and the gorgeous Estella Bartlett gold plated bracelet that my mum gave me.

I also asked for a facemask from Lush as I'd heard lots of good things about Cosmetic Warrior and it's skin-calming properties - so far I've tested it a couple of times and it leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft, but I gather that I'll have to keep on using it for my skin to get used to it, and to see an improvement (and reduction of pesky spots).

I also loved my furry keyring, and blingy choker (how 90's). a Boots giftcard will always come in handy, and I loved all my smellies: Body Shop RainForest Moisture Hair Butter, Argan Morrocan Rose Body Wash and an absolute classic in St. Ives Exfoliator.

But above all I was seriously bowled over by the sheer amount of chocolate gifted to me. My sister made me a whole goody bag stuffed full of American candy and chocolate! It's enough to last me a  year! And that's without counting all the Lindt, Hotel Chocolat, Cadburys, Thorntons, Galaxy and homemade chocs that various people gave me. I think word has got around that I have a sweet tooth.

The loveliest thing though was spending time with my family and friends, and receiving so many beautiful heartfelt birthday wishes from pals old and new. All together now... awwwwww.


Belle said...

Happppy Birthday Lovely!!!!!

What gorge gifts....I am especially jell of all that chocolate :)))

Sounds like you had a fab time :)

Mary said...

Thank you Belle! Honestly, take the chocolate from me - I'm gonna get so fat! Mwah xx