The Nineties

Beanie - peacocks // Playsuit - Primark // Blazer - Topshop via charity shop //
Tights - Tesco // Boots - ASOS

Inspiration for this look came from the girls of the Nineties and my favourite T.V shows and films like Ashley from Fresh Prince of Belair, Saved by the Bell and a bit of Cher from Clueless in there. I really wanted some little lacy white cotton socks popping out of the top of the boots to complete this whole outfit. 

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Bexx said...

Hi. Just stopping by to say thanksfor following my blog, however I have moved to a new url and am going to start deleting this one over the next couple of months. Feel free to stop by the New Blog at The Anchored Ivy.
Thanks, and Happy New Year

Also, I absolutely adore those boots! :)