London, I Love You

This weekend I went to London for a girls trip with my mum and sister. On Saturday we went to Madame Tussauds, I didn't think it would be my cup of tea but actually it was a laugh. My sister and I did 'The X Factor Experience' which basically entailed standing in a booth singing our hearts out to Mariah Carey 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' whilst everyone in the main hall could watch us on a screen... yep, like I said, it was a laugh. It took a while to get into the posing-with-glorified-mannequins but I was soon cuddling up to Robert Pattinson *cringe*... I don't even like him.

After Madame Tussauds, my sister and I headed off for a wander, getting some nice shots of Tower Bridge  and passing through the wonderfully sparkly and festive Hays Galleria. I love just walking around London and seeing where you end up, I love the architecture and the history and the fact that you can just melt into the crowd so easily but still be so individual.

We pretty much decided that we wanted to do really touristy things on this trip. Usually when I go to London I'm visiting art galleries, museums, exhibitions or concerts ( not to mention the shopping... a lot of shopping! ). So we thought we'd go to the London Dungeons. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was so much fun especially for someone like me who loves horror films and anything scary!

On Sunday we went to Spitalfields Market, which I absolutely loved, it was great for Xmas presents and I'm already making plans to go back again sometime! There's a nice mix of stalls selling jewellery, clothes, accessories, art and home wares and there was loads of really great small labels so I picked up a few business cards so that I could check them out when I got home. There was also a Traffic People shop there with this great convertible Mercedes parked up outside.

We also took in Westfield Stratford before heading to Somerset House to go ice skating! It looked so pretty all lit up and sparkly and everyone looked like they were having fun. Never the less I had a hint of trepidation about going on the ice as last time I took to the rink I fell over... a couple of times. I had nothing to worry about though as my sister was like my stabiliser and I just clung onto her the whole time. That didn't stop us from having our wobbles BUT we didn't fall over! It was so funny though, this one guy in particular kept falling over in the most spectacular fashion. He made falling over look like an art form!

All in all it was a lovely break before Christmas, when things get really manic, and I can't wait to book our next trip. Wish I'd got an outfit shot as well but I didn't think about it. I was wearing my bobble knit jumper, black jeans and boots, my fedora with a coat and faux fur collar and topshop handbag, and I bought a few things that I'll show you in my next post maybe.

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